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    Create Affiliate Coupons For WooCommerce Using Siren

    Concepts Discussed In This Video

    • What Are Programs?

      What Are Programs?

      A set of conditions that specify how and when collaborators earn rewards, along with the amounts of those rewards.

    • What Is a Collaborator?

      What Is a Collaborator?

      Individuals or entities such as bloggers, influencers, or businesses that participate in your programs to promote your products or services.

    • What Is a Conversion?

      What Is a Conversion?

      Any meaningful action taken by a customer that is valuable to your business and can be directly attributed to a collaborator’s influence.

    • What Is an Engagement?

      What Is an Engagement?

      Any track-able event where a potential customer’s action is tied to a collaborator.

    • What Are Transactions?

      What Are Transactions?

      A record that captures every detail of a purchase, including what items were bought, their quantities, and all associated costs such as taxes and shipping fees.

    • What Are Obligations?

      What Are Obligations?

      An obligation is a record indicating a commitment to pay collaborators for their role in a conversion.

    • Coupon Code Used

      Coupon Code Used

      Whenever a collaborator promotes your products using a unique coupon code, and a customer uses this code to make a purchase, the “Coupon Code Used” event is triggered.


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    Let’s go over how to associate a coupon in WooCommerce with a Siren collaborator.

    First and foremost, this is not going to work unless you have a program that is associated

    with that collaborator that is using the coupon code used engagement tracking event.

    If the collaborator is not a part of a program that is using that tracking event,

    it’s not going to work regardless of if you associate a coupon with them or not.

    So first things first, make sure you have a program that is set up that is actually using

    that tracking event. In my case, I do for both of my affiliates and my affiliate program.

    To create a coupon that is associated with a collaborator, we actually do this through

    WooCommerce. So we’re going to hover over marketing and click coupons. Depending on

    how your WooCommerce is set up, the screen may look a little bit different, but the add coupon

    button will always be here. So click add coupon and you’re going to name your coupon whatever

    you want it to be. In my case, I’m going to call it doing well because I have a guy named Brad

    Wellington as my fake collaborator and this is totally a coupon code he would use.

    Then you can set up your coupon like you normally would. You could do a percentage,

    fixed cart, whatever works for you. I’m just going to do a $2 fixed cart discount.

    Then I’m going to assign it to a collaborator. You’re going to select from this list to pick

    whichever collaborator you want. Start typing their name. You’ll see there it is Brad Wellington

    and we click publish. There we go. The coupon has been updated.

    So now you’ll see if we click on collaborator that Brad Wellington is currently assigned to the doing

    well coupon. Let’s see it in action. Go ahead and add a couple of beanies and a baseball cap and a

    hoodie to the cart. We’re going to go add a coupon and type in doing well apply. There we go. We

    see the $2 discount has applied. We’re going to proceed to check out and then we’re going to

    place the order and there we go. The order has been received. So now this system has recognized

    our coupon and that coupon was associated with Brad, which means that Brad should have gotten

    credit for that order. So let’s go ahead and log in and see what it looks like. Now if we go over

    to Siren conversions, you’re going to see that a new conversion was created. Transaction three. If

    we click on this transaction, we can see who it’s we can see the details of it. There we go.

    And here you can see that no obligation has been created yet. However, we do have a transaction

    of $91 and here’s all the details as well as that $2 discount. It’s even being reflected inside of

    this transaction. Now we just need to go into WooCommerce and make sure that this order is

    completed. And once we do that, it will market as aid and Siren and we’ll be able to actually see

    the obligation that was created for this record. Okay, so back over to Siren and in conversions,

    there we go. That sale is complete. Transaction three. Obligation four. You click on that

    obligation. You’re going to see that it did in fact associate with Brad Wellington. We haven’t

    had a payout ID because we haven’t actually created a fulfillment for this yet, but $13.65

    for Brad. Good job, Brad. You’re doing well after all.