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    Newest Engagement Wins

    Newest Engagement Wins is a program structure designed to reward the last collaborator who successfully engages with a customer. This approach is particularly useful in dynamic markets or industries where the latest interaction with the customer has a decisive impact on their purchasing decision.

    In this program structure, when a customer converts, the reward is allocated to the collaborator who last interacted with the customer. This last interaction could be through various channels such as a click on a targeted ad, a last-minute promotional email, or an engaging social media post that directly led to the conversion.

    The “Newest Engagement Wins” structure incentivizes collaborators to keep engaging with potential customers through up-to-date and compelling content. It ensures that the efforts that directly lead to conversions are rewarded.

    However, in industries where customer relationships and sales processes are lengthy and involve multiple touchpoints, such as B2B services or high-value goods, rewarding only the most recent engagement overlooks the contributions of collaborators who may have played critical roles earlier in the customer journey. In these cases, you may need additional programs alongside a newest engagement wins program, or one of the shared collaborator pool programs that acknowledges the entire range of interactions along the way.