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    Top Score Wins

    The Top Score Wins is a program structure where the person with the top engagement score receives the entire reward.

    In the “Top Score Wins” model, each collaborator’s interactions with a customer are scored based on their engagement score. As the customer progresses through their decision-making journey, these scores are tallied. When a conversion occurs, the collaborator with the highest total score at that point receives the entire reward.

    Where This Works

    By rewarding the most impactful engagement, it encourages collaborators to invest in producing educational content that can genuinely guide the customer’s buying decision, provided you can measure the things that actually impact a customer’s buying decision.

    The Top Score Wins structure is particularly effective in environments where the quality of engagement significantly impacts customer decisions. It ensures that collaborators who contribute most effectively to the customer’s understanding and appreciation of complex, high-value products are appropriately rewarded, promoting a deeper, more meaningful approach to customer engagement.

    When To Avoid This

    This program is less effective with simple programs that have a limited number of metrics to work from. If you don’t have clarity on the things that have the biggest impact on converting your customers, or you have no clear way to measure when your affiliates do these things, this structure is ineffective.

    Proceed with using this program with caution, as some engagement types could be easy to game, causing affiliates to earn commissions who probably wouldn’t have otherwise earned them. In cases where you don’t have control over the aspects of the scoring mechanisms, it’s probably better to use something else.