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    Shared Engagement Pool

    The “Shared Engagement Pool” is a program structure where rewards are evenly divided among all collaborators who have interacted with a customer throughout their journey.

    The “Shared Engagement Pool” structure is designed to ensure all collaborators who have engaged with a customer throughout their journey receive equal credit. Unlike structures that reward a single engagement point, this model distributes rewards among all collaborators based on their participation.

    In the Shared Engagement Pool, when a customer makes a purchase or completes a conversion, the reward is not attributed to just one collaborator. Instead, it’s divided equally among all the collaborators who have interacted with that customer.

    Where This Works

    The shared engagement pool works well for very high priced things that involved multiple touchpoints from multiple different people. Provided that the commissions are high-enough that splitting them still motivates affiliates to be a part of the program, this can be a good replacement for the oldest engagement wins program as a lead-generating program.

    Consider a luxury real estate company that sells high-end properties, where each sale involves significant commissions due to the high value of the properties. The company operates an affiliate program that engages various types of influencers and professionals who collectively contribute to attracting and converting high-net-worth individuals into buyers.

    In this market, purchasing decisions are seldom impulsive and typically involve multiple engagements with different experts. Potential buyers might first learn about a property through a luxury lifestyle influencer, then attend an exclusive webinar hosted by a real estate expert, and finally receive detailed financial and investment advice from a financial consultant.

    Collaborative Marketing in High-Value Sectors

    In the collaborative marketing approach, a diverse range of affiliates, from influencers flaunting luxury lifestyles to consultants offering bespoke investment advice, plays a vital role in guiding potential clients throughout their decision-making process. This comprehensive support helps in nurturing leads effectively.

    Revenue Sharing Through Shared Engagement Pools

    The revenue sharing model leverages the Shared Engagement Pool to fairly distribute commissions, which are typically substantial in high-value transactions such as luxury real estate sales. For example, a $20,000 commission from a property sale might be evenly split among an influencer, a real estate expert, and a financial consultant, ensuring each party receives a significant share despite the split.

    Benefits of a Multi-Expertise and Long-Term Engagement Strategy

    The complexity and high stakes of high priced transactions often require input from various expertise areas including lifestyle, legal, and financial advising. This necessitates a system like the Shared Engagement Pool that rewards multiple touchpoints over long sales cycles, recognizing the contributions of all affiliates involved.