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    In-Dashboard Support

    We are excited to offer you a new way to get support directly through your WordPress admin pages, specifically tailored to our software. This new feature aims to provide several key benefits to enhance your experience and streamline the support process.

    The primary goal of this chatbox integration is to offer real-time assistance, allowing you to get answers and solutions quickly without disrupting your workflow. By enabling our support team to see your screen and interact directly with your interface (with your permission), we can diagnose and resolve issues faster, often within minutes instead of hours. This direct interaction eliminates the need for lengthy email exchanges or temporary access credentials, making the support process more efficient and effective.

    Additionally, the chatbox is designed to be user-friendly and non-intrusive, appearing only on pages related to our software. This ensures that your workspace remains clutter-free while still providing immediate access to help when needed. We believe that this new support method will not only improve response times but also enhance the overall quality of our support services, helping you make the most of our software with minimal downtime.

    What is this Chatbox?

    We have integrated a support chatbox powered by Crisp. This chatbox allows you to connect with our support team directly from your WordPress admin dashboard for instant assistance and support.

    How Does It Work?

    • Opt-In Only: This chatbox will only be added to your WordPress admin pages after you give us explicit permission. It stays hidden and out of the way until you click “support.”
    • Dedicated Support: You can ask questions, report issues, and get help in real-time from our support team.
    • Seamless Experience: The chatbox is designed to be non-intrusive and only appears on pages related to our software.

    Why Use the Chatbox?

    • Quick Responses: Get faster answers to your questions without leaving your WordPress dashboard.
    • Personalized Support: Our team can provide more tailored assistance by seeing your query within the context of your current page.
    • Convenient: No need to navigate away from your work to seek help.
    • Enhanced Interaction: With your permission, our support team can see your screen directly and interact with your interface, providing faster support without the need to gain access to the site with a user account. This usually results in support issues being resolved much faster.

    Privacy and Transparency

    We value your privacy and transparency:

    • Data Usage: Any information shared via the chatbox is used solely for support purposes and improving our services.
    • Optional: You have full control over enabling or disabling the chatbox at any time. Disabling the chatbox will not affect the quality of support you receive. However, it may mean that we need to follow a longer process to assist you, as we will no longer have direct access to view your screen. This access allows us to provide faster and more efficient support.
    • Limited Scope: The script for the chatbox only runs on Siren admin screens and never loads anywhere else.

    If you’re not sure, feel free to take a look at this page on Crisp’s website for more information on what data Crisp tracks and how it ensures privacy.

    How to Enable/Disable the Chatbox

    1. Click on “Siren” in the WordPress dashboard.
    2. Check (or un-check) the “Yes! I want support directly from within my WordPress dashboard.”

    What if I Disable the Chatbox?

    All of the buttons and links throughout the admin interface will take you directly to our website, where you will have the opportunity to use the same chatbox or submit a support ticket.

    While disabling the chatbox won’t affect the quality of support you receive, it may require additional steps for us to assist you. Without direct access to your screen, our team may need more time to understand and resolve your issues. This might involve exchanging emails, scheduling calls, or requesting temporary access credentials, which could delay the resolution process. Enabling the chatbox allows us to provide more efficient and faster support, often resolving issues in minutes rather than hours.

    If you are uncomfortable with the chatbox being always active, one option could be to disable it until you need support. When you require assistance, you can manually enable the chatbox to receive help directly within your WordPress dashboard. Once your issue is resolved, you can disable it again. This approach gives you the flexibility to maintain your preferred level of privacy while still benefiting from the enhanced support capabilities when needed.

    But, again, you can still get support directly on our website without enabling this feature!