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    What Is a Collaborator?

    Collaborator – Individuals or entities such as bloggers, influencers, or businesses that participate in your programs to promote your products or services.

    Collaborators are the partners who help promote your products or services through various means, depending on the type of program they are enrolled in. You may think of these as “affiliates”, but in Siren’s case, an “affiliate” is just one of many different types of collaborator.

    Collaborators engage with your programs by performing specific, measurable actions that drive your business objectives. These actions could include promoting a product, referring new clients, or generating sales through affiliate links or promotional codes. Each action taken by a collaborator is tracked within Siren, ensuring that their contributions are accurately recorded and rewarded.

    A key component of Siren is creating the flexibility to create partnerships with a diverse set of collaborators. We all have different skill sets, and can contribute in a diverse set of ways, and Siren’s goal is to capture as many of these contribution approaches as it can.



    Affiliate Program

    15% from sales via an affiliate link within 30 days.



    Royalty Program

    Earns share of 25% of sales on products made by the author.



    Weighted Profit Share

    Earns share of 25% of membership based on viewership of courses.



    Sales Program

    25% earned when salesman closes the sale.

    Pictured above – 4 different collaborators, each one assigned to a different program.

    Because of this, a Siren collaborator can contribute to your business in diverse ways that enrich both your brand and product offerings. For instance, some collaborators might drive sales through their extensive networks, helping you reach a wider audience and boost revenue. Others might focus on creating products or content for which they earn royalties, adding value to your brand without directly generating sales. This multifaceted approach not only broadens your brand’s appeal but also diversifies its potential for growth and innovation.

    It’s also possible for a collaborator to be a part of more than one program. For example, maybe you have a site that sells online courses, and you’re using Siren to incentivize people to publish their courses on your platform. There’s several different programs such a person could potentially be a part of, in-addition to a course creator programs. They could be incentivized based on their student’s activity levels, and be credited for any conversion they’re directly responsible for creating.

    Affiliate Program

    Earns a percentage of sales generated from the instructor’s affiliate link.

    Course Creator Program

    Earns a percentage of all sales of courses made by this instructor.



    Weighted Profit Share

    Earns a share of site-wide membership profits based on course views.

    Student Activity Bonus

    Earns a share of membership profits based on course completions.

    Pictured above, a single instructor named emily associated with 4 different programs, including a profit share, an activity bonus, an affiliate program, and a course creator program.

    Tracking Collaborators Performance

    A collaborator’s performance is tracked using engagements. These engagements are track-able results of actions your collaborator does. To do this, the collaborator’s action has to somehow be associated, with the action.

    The Collaborator Tracking ID

    A common way this is done is using a Collaborator’s tracking ID. This is usually a 3-character set of letters that is added to URLs they direct visitors to. This tracking ID can be changed at any time, and any previous version of the tracking ID will remain valid. So, if you have a collaborator with a tracking ID of ABC, and later decide to make it DEF, both ABC and DEF will work for your collaborator, but they will only see DEF when they’re using it moving forward. This ensures you don’t inadvertently break the tracking, but still gives you the flexibility to change the tracking ID if it is in some way undesirable.

    Coupon Codes

    Some integrations can use coupon codes, which can be associated with a collaborator. These codes allow you to give a collaborator their own special trackable coupon code, so at checkout, you know which collaborator referred the visitor.

    Collaborators play a critical role in expanding and enriching your business through Siren’s flexible and inclusive program structure. Each collaborator can leverage their unique skills and networks to drive your business objectives in varied and impactful ways.