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Press Releases

  • Siren Launches Industry-Leading Affiliate Program

    Siren Launches Industry-Leading Affiliate Program

    Hey everyone! We’re super excited to announce the launch of Siren’s brand-new affiliate program. We’ve poured our hearts and expertise into making this the best affiliate program out there, designed to set a new benchmark for how affiliate marketing should be done. I kept it simple. I spent some time thinking about what I want…

  • Siren, A Groundbreaking Affiliate Management Plugin, Released

    Siren, A Groundbreaking Affiliate Management Plugin, Released

    Siren, a groundbreaking affiliate marketing platform for WordPress, is proud to announce its official launch. Designed to empower businesses and affiliates alike, Siren revolutionizes the way online partnerships are formed and managed.

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About Siren

Siren Affiliates believes that it should be easier for people to work together online. We want to help people imagine, and manage innovative ways to make incentive programs. We do this by making great online software.

What Is Siren?

Siren is a versatile affiliate management plugin for WordPress that enables users to create and manage multiple tailored incentive programs.

How Is Siren Different Than Existing Tools?

Siren can create multiple incentive programs simultaneously, each with customizable terms and incentives.

Who Is Siren For?

Siren is for anyone who’s selling something online, who wants to create and manage pay-for-performance partnerships with other people.

Meet The Founder

Hey There! My name is Alex Standiford.

I have over 15 years experience using, and developing leading affiliate tools. I have worked at the forefront of affiliate tool development, and have seen shortcomings in other Affiliate tools. That’s why I created Siren. I want to pioneer the next generation of affiliate networks, ensuring they’re ready for the web’s exciting future.



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