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    Create A Lead Generating Affiliate Program In WordPress

    A lead-generating affiliate program can be a powerful tool when you have longer sales cycles, or when you need to sell something expensive. This guide will show you the steps to setting up a lead-generating program in just one minute, using Siren.

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    How To Create A Lead-Generating Affiliate Program Using Siren

    Setting up an effective affiliate program with Siren is straightforward. This tutorial will guide you through creating a program, configuring its structure, and setting up a public form for collaborator registration. Let’s get started!

    Create Your Program

    One of the most-fundamental building blocks of Siren are programs. A program describes what people must do in order to earn a reward. It also defines how big the reward is, based on their actions. In-order to create our affiliate program, the first thing we need to do is create a program!

    1. Navigate to the “Programs” section in the Siren dashboard.
    2. Click on the “Add New button.
    3. Define the basic details of the program.

    Define the Program Structure

    A program structure defines who gets paid whenever a customer converts. Some program structures dictate that only one affiliate wins, while others can dictate that many affiliates win. In cases where many affiliates win, the program structure also defines how the reward pool is divided.

    Within the program creation screen, select one of the program structures.

    Configure Engagement Tracking Events

    An Engagement tracking event happens when a potential customer’s action is tied to a collaborator. Engagement tracking is crucial for monitoring the effectiveness of your affiliate links. Here’s how to set it up:

    1. Still in the program setup, look for the “Engagement Tracking Events” section.
    2. Add the types of engagements you want to track, such as site visits through an affiliate link. You can set multiple engagement types depending on your program needs.

    Set Up the Incentive Structure

    An incentive structure defines how much gets paid out whenever a customer converts. They use the transaction data to determine how much to reward affiliates.

    1. Select an incentive structure.
    2. Define the commission rates in the “Incentive Structure” section. For example, set a 15% payout for sales and renewals.
    3. Specify which conversions (sales, renewals) should trigger payouts.

    Create a Collaborator Registration Form

    Technically, you have done everything you need to create a program, but most affiliate programs also utilize a signup form on their website. This form allows people to sign up as collaborators directly from your website.

    Let’s get into how to build this form using the WordPress block editor.

    1. Go to the page where you want the registration form.
    2. Insert the “Siren Collaborator Registration” block.
    3. Configure the form’s settings on the right-hand side:
      • Set the default status for new collaborators upon sign-up.
      • Assign them to specific programs automatically.
      • Specify handling for existing collaborators who wish to join new programs.