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    Set Up A Program Registration Form

    Concepts Discussed In This Video

    • What Are Programs?

      What Are Programs?

      A set of conditions that specify how and when collaborators earn rewards, along with the amounts of those rewards.

    • What Is a Collaborator?

      What Is a Collaborator?

      Individuals or entities such as bloggers, influencers, or businesses that participate in your programs to promote your products or services.


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    Let’s talk about how to create a public-facing form on your site that allows collaborators to sign up for programs

    In order to do that first we need to create a page. So let’s add a new page

    We’re going to name this join our affiliate program

    From the block editor. We’re going to click on the little plus we’re going to search for siren

    And here you’ll see siren collaborator registration now if we click on this form right here

    We can see that there’s all kinds of different settings over on the sidebar that allow us to customize

    What happens whenever this form is filled out first off?

    We can set the status of any collaborator who signs up with this form we can set them to pending or active

    When a collaborator is set to pending they are unable to create any engagements and can’t receive any rewards or actually work at all

    Effectively this means hey, there’s a collaborator that has been created and it is pending your approval

    For them to be a part of this program

    Alternatively, you can set it to active if you just want it to be a completely public program where anybody can join

    For this I’m going to set it to pending

    Next there’s a field here. This is approve existing collaborators

    Basically what this does is when it’s checked

    Collaborators who sign up will automatically be added to the forms programs in other words if you have a collaborator

    who’s on a different program and

    They are already signed up. They’re already registered and

    They see a form on your site for a different program a different program than the program

    They’re currently signed up for and they decide they want to join that program too

    And they fill out that form what this checkbox will do is it’ll say oh, hey, we already know this person

    We’ve already approved this person in the past

    Let’s go ahead and just automatically allow them to join this program

    No need to

    Do any kind of approval or anything like that if you if this box is left unchecked?

    What it will do is it will send you an email and say hey this existing collaborator of yours has requested to join this program

    Are they allowed?

    So we’re gonna go ahead and leave that unchecked next you can see which programs you want this person to automatically be associated with

    Whenever they fill out this form

    So in this case, I only want them to be associated with the affiliate program

    but say you had a course creation program or something like that, maybe a blog content bonus program or

    Just multiple programs in general

    Maybe you have an affiliate program plus a bonus program that runs like special things on occasion in those cases

    Maybe you want somebody to automatically sign up for multiple whenever they sign up for this form

    So you can set as many of those programs as you want right here

    next you can customize the submit message to

    Specify what it says after they fill out the form, okay, so that’s good for now

    Obviously you would want to have some copy and some other things here as well

    But we’re not gonna bother with that for now. We’re gonna click the publish button and we’re gonna view that page

    Let’s assume that we’re a visitor on this site and we don’t have an account or anything like that at all yet

    And we’ve decided that we want to join this program

    So we’re gonna add our nickname and then the name will be Steven Winter and the email address could be something like I don’t know

    Steve at Steve dot go

    Okay, so we’re filling out this form and we click submit. There we go. Just like that. We received a message

    It says thank you for your interest. We sent you a confirmation email check your inbox and just like that

    We’ve received an email that says we received a request to create a collaborator account on our site

    If this wasn’t you you can ignore this email

    So what this email is is it’s actually being sent specifically to Steve in this case and it’s saying hey

    Somebody on the internet filled out this form using your email address

    We’re gonna send we’re sending this email to you just to make sure that it was actually you and it wasn’t somebody else

    Just doing something weird. So yes, that was us. We are in fact Steve in this case

    So let’s click on this link and there we go. Just like that. It just says all set

    Your request has been submitted. You can close this window

    Now if we visit the collaborator screen, we can see that Steve has an account

    His name’s here his ID his email address and what program he was added to is all right here

    And you’ll also notice that his status has been set to pending

    So if we click on Steve we can manually change his status right here. We can set him to active

    Alternatively, we could have checked the box and clicked activate

    Either one would work just fine, but you can see he is now set to active in this scenario

    We have three different programs on our site an affiliate program a super affiliate program and a blog content program

    The affiliate program is public facing and anybody can join it

    We also want the blog content program to be public facing so that anybody can join it as well

    However, the blog content program is a completely separate thing and we pay it on top of what we pay for our affiliate programs

    So we want to actually create in a way for our collaborators who are in say the affiliate program

    To also be able to publish content on our site

    so in this case

    we actually want separate form for them to be able to register for the blog content program and

    Allow them to be able to actually join this program whenever they signed up for that form

    So let’s go ahead and do that. Let’s add a new page. We’re gonna call this page

    Join our blog content bonus program

    And we’re going to use another siren form so you can click on the little plus over here on the side

    But I’m a big fan of hitting the backslash to be able to start typing because I’m always searching anyway

    So I’ll type in siren there. I’ve got that form again

    So this time we’re gonna set the status to pending just like we did before

    We’re gonna tick the approve existing collaborators box because anytime a collaborator

    Signs up with this one if they’re already a collaborator in a different program

    We want to always approve them and just let them in the program

    Whenever they sign up they should join the blog content program in this case

    Go ahead and click publish. Okay. Now we’re looking at the front-end form on the site

    That says join our blog content bonus program

    We’re gonna specify our nickname is Brad

    Our name is Brad Wellington and we’re actually gonna give the same email address that we use whenever we set up Brad’s collaborator account

    Brad at Wellington

    And we’re gonna click submit this time whenever we check our email

    We’re gonna see

    That this was sent to Brad and it says action required validate updates to your account

    So basically this is saying hey, we received a request that somebody wants to change your

    Affiliate account or that somebody wants to change your collaborator account on this website

    If that was you and you meant to do this click on this link

    This is how we prevent people from automatically like manipulating other people’s programs and somehow

    Messing them up

    This was us. We are in fact Brad. Let’s go ahead and click on this link

    There we go. All set your request has been submitted so we can now close that window now because we didn’t say

    That we wanted to approve it. We did not receive an email

    For the approval but had we set it to do that we would also receive an

    Email in our inbox to basically review that Brad wants to be added to that collaborator and we would click a link and it

    Would approve us. Okay, so now that we’re logged in as the administrator again

    Let’s go take a look at our collaborators and there you go. Just like that

    You can see Brad has automatically been added to the blog content program