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    Multiple Affiliate Programs Using Siren’s Program Groups

    Concepts Discussed In This Video

    • What Is An Affiliate Program?

      What Is An Affiliate Program?

      An affiliate program is a business arrangement where a company pays someone a commission for driving sales to their website.

    • What Are Programs?

      What Are Programs?

      A set of conditions that specify how and when collaborators earn rewards, along with the amounts of those rewards.

    • What Are Program Groups?

      What Are Program Groups?

      A combined set of programs that allows only one program within the group to run when a conversion happens.

    • What Is a Collaborator?

      What Is a Collaborator?

      Individuals or entities such as bloggers, influencers, or businesses that participate in your programs to promote your products or services.

    • What Is an Engagement?

      What Is an Engagement?

      Any track-able event where a potential customer’s action is tied to a collaborator.

    Program Group Structures

    • Newest Engagement Wins

      Newest Engagement Wins

      Newest Engagement Wins is a program structure designed to reward the last collaborator who successfully engages with a customer.

    • Oldest Engagement Wins

      Oldest Engagement Wins

      Oldest Engagement Wins rewards the first collaborator to engage a customer.


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    In this example, I have two different affiliate programs.

    One is an affiliate program,

    and the other is a super affiliate program.

    The only difference between these two programs

    is how much they pay out.

    The affiliate program is set up

    with a public-facing form on our website.

    It allows anyone to sign up

    for our entry-level affiliate program.

    Over time, we monitor the performance

    of these different affiliates,

    and if we discover that an affiliate is high-performing,

    we offer an opportunity for them

    to join the super affiliate program,

    where they can earn a higher commission.

    But they’re also expected to work a little bit closer with us

    on setting up future marketing efforts and launches.

    However, there’s a problem with this.

    The problem is, if a customer visits a link

    from someone in the affiliate program,

    and then they visit another link

    from someone in the super affiliate program,

    and then after doing all of those things,

    they buy something, Siren is gonna trigger a payout

    for both the affiliate and the super affiliate program.

    In this case, that’s not what we want.

    Instead, we want to essentially treat these two programs

    as if they’re one program,

    where only one collaborator gets the reward,

    but we want the reward to be dependent

    on which program that collaborator is in.

    That is where program groups come in.

    Program groups in Siren are designed

    to organize and manage several similar programs

    and treat them as one program.

    With program groups, only one program within the group

    is activated per conversion

    based on specific preset criteria.

    So let’s get into how to create a program group.

    To get started, click on program groups on the left side.

    From there, click add new.

    Then we’re going to create our program group.

    We’re gonna give it a name.

    I’m gonna call mine affiliate programs.

    We’ll give it a description.

    I’m gonna call mine programs focused on converting sales

    using affiliate links.

    And then we’re gonna select a program group structure.

    A program’s group structure defines which program

    in a group runs whenever a customer converts.

    In this case, we have two different structures

    that are available inside of a group,

    newest engagement wins and oldest engagement wins.

    For more details on these group structures,

    I have a link in the description area below.

    In this case, I’m going to select newest engagement wins

    because my affiliate programs

    are also using that same program.

    So by doing that, it’s going to select

    the right collaborator with the right program

    based on whoever was the last person to refer that visitor.

    And then we’re gonna set it up

    so that both the affiliate program

    and the super affiliate program are parts of this group.

    The create, and just like that,

    we now have an affiliate group called affiliate programs.

    We go back to our programs.

    We can see clearly that they are a part of this same group.