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    Usage Tracking

    What is Anonymous Usage Tracking?

    Anonymous usage tracking is the process of collecting data on how users interact with our platform without identifying individual users. This means that while we gather information on how the platform is used, we do not collect any personal information such as names, email addresses, or other identifying details.

    Why Do We Collect Usage Data?

    Collecting anonymous usage data helps us:

    • Improve the User Experience: By understanding how our users navigate and use the platform, we can make informed decisions about updates and improvements.
    • Identify Issues: Usage data allows us to spot and fix potential problems or bottlenecks in the system more quickly.
    • Enhance Features: Insights from usage patterns help us prioritize new features and enhancements that are most beneficial to our users.

    What Kind of Data is Collected?

    We collect aggregate data that is not specific enough to identify individual users. This includes:

    • Key Events: Information on significant actions or errors within the platform.
    • General Usage Patterns: Data on how users interact with the system.
    • Program Metrics: Information on the size and number of affiliate programs and other general usage details to help us understand overall system usage.

    How is the Data Protected?

    • Anonymization: All data is anonymized, meaning it cannot be traced back to you, your collaborators, or anything else.
    • Secure Storage: Data is stored securely, and access is restricted to authorized personnel only.
    • Compliance: We comply with all relevant data protection regulations to ensure your data is handled responsibly.

    How to Opt-In or Opt-Out

    Opting into anonymous usage tracking is voluntary. You can choose to participate by checking the opt-in checkbox when prompted. If you decide to opt-out later, you can do so in your account settings at any time.