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    Site Visited

    The “Site Visited” event is designed to reward collaborators, typically affiliates, whenever a potential customer visits your website through their unique affiliate link.

    When a collaborator shares their affiliate link somewhere, and a visitor clicks on this link to visit your website, all active programs that are using the Site Visited event score points for the engagement.

    Imagine an affiliate who specializes in tech reviews. They include their affiliate link in a review of one of your new gadgets. Readers of the review click on the link, leading them to your website to learn more about the product. Each of these visits represents a “Site Visited” event. For every visit tracked through the affiliate’s link, they earn engagement points.

    Someone Clicks On an Affiliate Link

    A person visits your site using an affiliate link owned by one of your collaborators.

    A mermaid in a moment of pure joy, closely zoomed in on their face, as they leap up in excitement under the sea. This mermaid has just successfully launched their underwater business. Their eyes sparkle with delight, mouth open in a victorious cheer, and their hands are thrown up in the air, capturing the essence of triumph and exhilaration. Bubbles surround them, and the background is a blur of underwater colors, symbolizing the vibrant future ahead for their business. This moment is one of achievement, hope, and the beginning of a new journey.

    Engagement Created

    If there isn’t already an engagement for the collaborator and the visitor, it gets created now.

    Engagement Points Added

    Points get added to the engagement, depending on the value set for the engagement in the program.

    The “Site Visited” engagement tracking event is essential for affiliates and program managers alike, offering a straightforward metric to gauge traffic generation effectiveness. By rewarding affiliates for each site visit, you encourage ongoing efforts and recognize the vital role they play in your marketing ecosystem.