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    Coupon Code Used

    Whenever a collaborator promotes your products using a unique coupon code, and a customer uses this code to make a purchase, the “Coupon Code Used” event is triggered.

    The “Coupon Code Used” event is designed to reward collaborators, typically affiliates or promotional partners, whenever a customer uses their unique coupon code at checkout.

    Someone Uses a Coupon Code at Checkout

    A person uses a coupon code that is assigned to one of your collaborators.

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    Engagement Created

    If there isn’t already an engagement for the collaborator and the visitor, it gets created now.

    Engagement Points Added

    Points get added to the engagement, depending on the value set for the engagement in the program.

    This Engagement Wins Most Conversions

    The coupon code is typically used very late in the buying process, and is often the last event that gets triggered when someone makes a purchase on a website. This timing is especially significant when paired with the “Newest Engagement Wins” program structure, since whoever owns the coupon is typically going to be awarded the reward for the conversion in this case.

    Given its crucial role at the end of the customer journey, the “Coupon Code Used” event can be incredibly powerful within programs focused on driving conversions. In scenarios utilizing the “Newest Engagement Wins” structure, this event often becomes the deciding factor in determining which collaborator receives the reward. Since the coupon code is used at the point of purchase, it directly ties the collaborator’s promotional activity to the customer’s conversion, providing a clear and measurable impact of the collaborator’s effort.

    For instance, in a competitive affiliate environment where multiple collaborators may influence a single customer’s journey, a collaborator whose coupon code is used at checkout effectively seals the conversion. This not only guarantees a reward for the collaborator but also provides a compelling incentive for affiliates to prioritize coupon code promotions as part of their strategy, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your conversion-focused marketing efforts.