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    Blog Post Visited

    Whenever a visitor reads a blog post authored by a collaborator, the “Blog Post Visited” event is triggered.

    The “Blog Post Visited” event is specifically designed to recognize and reward collaborators who create content that attracts visitors to your platform. When a blog post written by a collaborator is visited by a user, this event triggers, awarding engagement points to the author based on the traffic or interactions the post garners.

    Someone Visits A Blog Post

    Someone visits a blog post written by a collaborator.

    A mermaid in a moment of pure joy, closely zoomed in on their face, as they leap up in excitement under the sea. This mermaid has just successfully launched their underwater business. Their eyes sparkle with delight, mouth open in a victorious cheer, and their hands are thrown up in the air, capturing the essence of triumph and exhilaration. Bubbles surround them, and the background is a blur of underwater colors, symbolizing the vibrant future ahead for their business. This moment is one of achievement, hope, and the beginning of a new journey.

    Engagement Created

    If there isn’t already an engagement for the collaborator and the visitor, it gets created now.

    Engagement Points Added

    Points get added to the engagement, depending on the value set for the engagement in the program.

    Great For Teamwork

    This engagement type is a great way to create synergy between affiliates and bloggers. The bloggers can be in a blog content program, and the affiliates are in an affiliate program. The affiliates drive traffic to the site, and the bloggers help give the affiliates content to share.

    Potential Scenario

    Imagine a collaborator who is a financial expert writing a detailed blog post about investment strategies for your financial services platform. Readers who find the blog through search engines, social media shares, or direct links generate traffic, with each visit boosting the collaborator’s score. This score accumulation not only rewards the author for their effective content but also provides insight into the content’s role in educating and engaging potential clients.