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    What Is An Opportunity?

    Opportunity – A single instance of something from which rewards can be issued. Usually represents a site visitor, but can encompass other scenarios.


    Opportunities are used in Siren to associate engagements with collaborators, ensuring that when a person linked to an opportunity converts, the system knows which collaborators to reward. In other words, Siren uses opportunities to track a journey to a sale. It serves as the foundation for tracking actions that may lead to rewards in programs.

    An opportunity in Siren represents a potential for a reward-generating action. It signifies any instance where a trackable event occurs, such as a site visit, a sales lead, or a support ticket, providing a basis for tracking and rewarding engagements with collaborators.

    If you’re coming from other affiliate systems, you might think of an opportunity as a “visit”, but in Siren a “visit” is just one kind of opportunity, not the name of the data itself.

    Opportunities are largely an opaque aspect of Siren, and all of the actions happen automatically.

    How Site Visits Create Opportunities

    The most common example of an opportunity is from a website’s visit. As soon as someone visits your website, Siren issues that visit an opportunity ID.

    Someone Visits Your Website

    Someone visits your website, regardless of if they were referred or not.

    Siren Searches For An Opportunity ID

    This can be found in many ways. it can be from their user ID, or a tracking cookie.

    Siren Creates An Opportunity

    If no opportunity was found, it creates one for the visitor. Otherwise, it uses the existing ID

    Opportunity Resolution

    Sometimes, an opportunity is created for someone that already has an opportunity ID. When Siren discovers this, it will resolve that opportunity ID. A common example of this is when someone logs into your site, after being logged out.

    Someone Visits Your Website

    Siren creates an opportunity at this point, as described in the previous flowchart.

    They Log Into Your Site

    Later, they log into your site. Since they have a user account, they probably already have an opportunity ID.

    Siren Merges the IDs

    Siren merges these two IDs into the oldest of the two, updating any engagements that are associated with the new one automatically.