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    What Are Program Groups?

    Program Group – A combined set of programs that allows only one program within the group to run when a conversion happens.


    Program Groups in Siren are designed to organize and manage several similar programs, and treat them as one program. With program groups, only one program within the group is activated per conversion, based on specific pre-set criteria.

    A common circumstance when managing affiliate programs is to have different rates for different affiliates. You might, for example, have a “super affiliate” program, where you’re paying a special, higher rate to a subset of your best affiliates, as well as another public-facing affiliate program where you’re paying a more average rate for other affiliates.

    When programs are grouped together, you can think of the entire group as a single program that pays out in several different ways, depending on the timing of the engagements that were created leading up to the conversion.

    Program Group Structures

    A program group’s structure defines which program in the group runs whenever a customer converts.

    • Newest Engagement Wins

      Newest Engagement Wins

      Newest Engagement Wins is a program structure designed to reward the last collaborator who successfully engages with a customer.

    • Oldest Engagement Wins

      Oldest Engagement Wins

      Oldest Engagement Wins rewards the first collaborator to engage a customer.


    Program Groups are essential for maintaining both flexibility and control in your affiliate marketing strategies. By design, siren tries to pay every program it can, which isn’t always what you want. Program groups help ensure that you’re paying the right programs, without sacrificing the flexibility of a multi-program approach to affiliate management.