Core Concepts

  • What Are Program Groups?

    A combined set of programs that allows only one program within the group to run when a conversion happens.

  • What Is a Fulfillment?

    Fulfillment records act as a comprehensive ledger, providing a detailed view of all payments.

  • What Are Obligations?

    An obligation is a record indicating a commitment to pay collaborators for their role in a conversion.

  • What Are Transactions?

    A record that captures every detail of a purchase, including what items were bought, their quantities, and all associated costs such as taxes and shipping fees.

  • What Is an Engagement?

    Any track-able event where a potential customer’s action is tied to a collaborator.

  • What Is a Collaborator?

    Individuals or entities such as bloggers, influencers, or businesses that participate in your programs to promote your products or services.

  • What Is a Conversion?

    Any meaningful action taken by a customer that is valuable to your business and can be directly attributed to a collaborator’s influence.

  • What Are Programs?

    A set of conditions that specify how and when collaborators earn rewards, along with the amounts of those rewards.

  • What Is An Affiliate Program?

    An affiliate program is a business arrangement where a company pays someone a commission for driving sales to their website.

  • What Is An Opportunity?

    A single instance of something from which rewards can be issued. Usually represents a site visitor, but can encompass other scenarios.