• How To Build A Referral Program For Your Web Agency

    Learn how to scale your web agency’s lead generation, and sales process with a robust affiliate program.

  • How To Sell Expensive Things Using Siren

    A basic affiliate program works really well on things that are easy to sell, but what about the expensive things we buy less often? In this post, we dive into how Siren’s multi-program approach makes this possible.

  • How Multiple Programs Makes Siren Easier To Maintain

    Other affiliate plugins for WordPress are notoriously bad at maintaining affiliate programs, particularly when the program has several special conditions. This post dives into how Siren avoids these pitfalls.

  • How Siren Promotes Collaboration Among Your Affiliates

    Siren allows you to create more than one reward program on your site. This creates unique opportunities for your affiliates to work together. This post explores some ways different programs can combine together so that everyone wins.

  • Siren’s Tracking System Is Bananas

    Old Affiliate plugins use “visits” for tracking. I realized that we can do so, so much better. By calling them “Opportunities”, Siren makes it possible to track anything, from visitors, to bug reports, and anything in-between.

A mermaid in a moment of pure joy, closely zoomed in on their face, as they leap up in excitement under the sea. This mermaid has just successfully launched their underwater business. Their eyes sparkle with delight, mouth open in a victorious cheer, and their hands are thrown up in the air, capturing the essence of triumph and exhilaration. Bubbles surround them, and the background is a blur of underwater colors, symbolizing the vibrant future ahead for their business. This moment is one of achievement, hope, and the beginning of a new journey.

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